With 8+ years of experience in storytelling, I became proficient in adapting content to a more compelling story, not only on a commercial approach. I've written scripts for narrative videos, novels for audio platforms, narrative, dialogues and world-building for video games and tabletop RPGs.

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Audio platforms, video game industry, marketing and publicity, film producers, music industry, tech corporations, learning and educational sector.


Commercial and narrative storytelling, script writing, screenplay, audio novels, storyboarding, tv and audio adaptation, narrative design, dialogues, lore and world building, experimental storytelling.

Tools and Software

Notion, wiki services, articy:draft, Narrat, Twine, draw.io, LaTeX, general office tools

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Following a brutal backslash on her most recent article, investigative reporter Kim Petterson is sent to write a story on the mysterious murders of two girls in a countryside town in Nebraska - US. Upon her arrival she discovers it could be the work of a serial killer, or worse...

The thriller features bizarre encounters, Native American legends and a cryptic forest shrouded in myths.

Originally the protagonist was an FBI agent, as it made more sense. The character change was due to production constraints, and the story had to be adapted.

audio format


audio format

On the verge of her career breakthrough, radio producer Luna Hill prepares to launch her new show, but she wasn't counting on an irreverent host risking its success. Will she fall for his charm or will he get on her nerves?

A short romantic comedy, we follow the protagonist as her feelings for her new coworker shift from despise to attraction.

The story originally spanned ten, longer episodes, depicting deeper characters, side stories (B and C), and a better-established atmosphere.



On Ready4Player's upcoming MMORPG "AZADI", aside from working with animation and cinematics, I took a good role in building the lore of the world and its entire planetary system, writing the narrative for the main timeline, designing quests and characters' relations, as well as dialogues.

I designed an intricate magic system deeply inspired by quantum mechanics that is responsible for several features of the game and provides a believable and factual scientific basis for it.

I also wrote the species and civilization evolution history for the main planet in the game. It features the first "humans" on the planet, how they changed nature's equilibrium, their branching into other species and shaping of the land. I made it so everything is interconnected and consistent, from the discovery of magic to the orbit of mysterious moons and their influence on the land.


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In the year 1999, a group of students from UC Berkeley find themselves immersed in a web of lies, conspiracies and seemingly, the occult itself. This campaign is best suited for the Unknown Armies RPG system, 5-7 players.

When a university janitor dies during a big college party that nobody clearly remembers, the players begin seeing strange things occurring near them, from shady people in suits following them to entire buildings vacating from night to day.

Along the journey to uncover the secret conspiracies that are enough to rewrite humanity's history, the players meet powerful, gigantic parties, take hold of legendary artifacts, uncover historical secrets and quite possibly reshape the world at the coming of the new millennium.


Set on the verge of Japan's Sengoku period, this RPG campaign is an epic tale of mythology, legendary creatures, magic, and just enough terror.

Players start being taken as prisoners to Sado Island, where they endure an earthquake and find shelter in an abandoned cave. This cave briefly takes them to the spiritual world, where they earn the ability to see and communicate with deities. Finding their way out of the island, they become haunted by a curse as they travel all over Japan (excl. Hokkaido).

In this historically and geographically accurate journey, they meet different factions, take part in daimyo clans' battles, encounter the first Europeans to set foot on Japan, banish evil oni, acquire knowledge from kami, meet iconic figures such as Yasuke and Miyamoto Musashi, and many other features as they find themselves in a quest to save the land from the ultimate evil.

The campaign spans around 16 sessions and can be easily expandable and adapted to other game media.

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s c i e n t i f i c

Altitude vs Amplitude Relations on Negative Leaders Produced by Lightning Data Acquired by LOFAR

During my master's program in astrophysics, I collaborated with the LOFAR group, from the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute in a study on lightning properties, specifically the possibility of an underlying relation between the emission strength of lightning discharges negative leaders and the altitude such emission takes place.

AGU 2020 Fall Meeting · Dec 8, 2020

The Relationship of Lightning Radio
Pulse Amplitudes and Source
Altitudes as Observed by LOFAR

AGU - Earth and Space Science · Oct 29, 2021

As first author, I published in AGU Earth and Space Science the findings of all the work done during my master's program. Alongside radio astronomers and physicists from the whole world under the LOFAR collaboration, this paper discuss in details the measurement of the amplitude distribution of lightning in VHF pulses, how its amplitude spectrum follows a power-law and that the top 10-percentile amplitude decreases with the altitude.